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Mama and the Souk

Mama and the Souk


is the product of a lifetime. Born in Eritrea, with an Italo-Eritrean heritage and raised in the Sudan, Stefania’s formative memories and experiences are of exploring the markets with her mother.

With an inherited romantic penchant for found objects and jewels of the nomadic past and an innate love affair with jewellery, Ambersouk was born.  A name that honours and carries her mother’s legacy.

“Following my mama to the souk is one of the most special memories of my childhood. Exploring and discovering the markets’ treasures was my mother’s creative diversion from her full-time job. In the souk, her imagination came alive. A true artist and creative alchemist in her own right, she transformed her finds into unique and beautiful pieces. She taught me to love and appreciate the souk and find beauty and purpose in everything. Even in the most humble pieces.
She is my biggest inspiration.”

“Captivated by the honey colour and delicate scent of nomadic amber, my mother became an avid collector of this precious ancient resin. Her passion for amber, antique finds and for re-charming old pieces formed the essence of her arabesque jewellery atelier which was named Amber.  With time, her passion became my own. Enchanted by those very colours, finds and a strong urge to create alchemy, the souk gifted me with my own inspiration to create. Marrying the two names, Amber & Souk, felt right and true to my creative process and growth, symbolising the strong link and bridging of two generations and passions… allowing the story to continue and evolve.”