Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Love and care for your jewellery
“The thing about jewellery, is that it will most likely outlive us. We enjoy it, cherish it and we pass it on… to our children and loved ones who will in turn pass it on to theirs. The beauty is that our story continues through our jewels. They become the living threads that weave together our narrative and keep us connected to our loved ones. Therefore, we must love and care for our jewels… be they humble or precious”

Thank you for choosing to buy an Ambersouk piece. All of our metals, gems, woods and glass are precious and natural and every piece we create is uniquely handcrafted with great love and care. To ensure that your jewellery is preserved for years and generations to come, it must be handled and stored with the same level of love and care.

Recommended Tips

To prevent your metals, gems, woods, glass and chains from tarnishing, scratching, cracking or tangling keep your jewellery in individual boxes or soft pouches and always store in a cool and dry place. Try to avoid contact with chemicals, lotions and perfumes when possible. Remember to apply any lotions or perfumes before putting on your jewellery as some organic gemstones like pearls, opals, coral and amber are vulnerable to acids and other such products. As chlorinated water may damage your metals, it is always best to remove all jewellery before swimming. When involved in any activity which could scratch, knock or damage your pieces, it’s always best to take them off. Carry a little pouch with you in which you can safely store your jewellery, should you need to take it off when away from home.

Precious Metals
All Ambersouk pieces are created using precious metals, namely gold and silver. The beauty of pure gold is that it does not tarnish, however being a soft metal it is susceptible to scratching. Remember that the higher the carat, the softer the metal. Therefore you must take good care when wearing gold jewellery, especially when layering your pieces. Unlike gold, silver tends to tarnish over time giving the metal a dull and darker appearance. However, tarnishing is a non permanent chemical change on the metal’s surface that can easily be removed when polished. Please note that the more you wear your silver jewellery, the slower and less likely it will tarnish. Like gold, silver is also prone to scratching so always do take good care when wearing your silver jewellery. Despite your best efforts to keep the shine on your jewellery, it will need cleaning over time. To clean your gold and silver jewellery at home, simply soak your pieces in lukewarm water with a mild detergent for ten minutes, gently clean with a soft-bristled brush, rinse thoroughly, gently dry with a lint-free cloth or leave to air dry. Alternatively, you may use specialist cleaning solutions exclusively designed for gold and silver jewellery, however you must always ensure that they are intended for the correct metals and gemstones. For a deeper and professional clean, you can take your jewellery to your local jeweller or contact us if you wish


When looking after your jewellery that incorporates gems, it is important to bear in mind that all gemstones, due to their different chemical structures, have varying levels of strengths, thermal resistance and light stability. Some gems are softer than others and may easily be scratched by the harder gemstones. For example, gems belonging to the family of Diamonds, Corundum (Rubies & Sapphires), Topaz and Quartz are the hardest amongst many other softer gems and may scratch the latter when coming into contact. Some gems are susceptible to extreme temperatures whilst others may be affected and impacted by the light. So when caring for your jewellery, ensure that you store it in individual boxes or pouches to avoid abrasion, that you keep it away from excessive heat or damp conditions and preferably, keep away from direct sunlight. To clean most of your coloured gems, use lukewarm water with a mild detergent and gently brush with a soft-bristled brush. Alternatively, and if in doubt, always best to seek professional advice.

Organic Gems
Some of the Ambersouk pieces are designed with a deep appreciation and love for organic gems. Amber, antique coral and opals are amongst some such gems used in our jewellery. Organic gemstones have distinct chemical compositions compared to mineral gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds, hence, require specific care methods. Organic gemstones are generally much softer than mineral gems and can easily be scratched or damaged if not properly cared for. Their chemical structure also makes them susceptible to acids and various chemicals present in cleaning products which should therefore be avoided. When cleaning your jewellery with such gemstones, never submerge them in water. Instead, use a soft cloth with warm water and gently rub each gem. Do bear in mind that organic gems, originating from natural matter, thrive best when worn. The natural oils present in our skin helps in preserving their lustre. When storing your organic gems, ensure you do so in separate soft pouches, in well ventilated and cool spaces away from direct sunlight.

Ebony is a hard, dense and dark precious wood with the most beautiful lustre. Ambersouk has created a limited collection which includes hand-carved pieces made from this precious wood. As with any wood, great care must be taken with exposing ebony to excessive moisture or water as it can damage the wood. Remove any ebony jewellery before showering, swimming or engaging in any activity that may cause it to come into contact with water. Ebony must be stored in individual boxes or pouches to avoid abrasion and is best stored away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as prolonged exposure can cause the wood to fade or crack. You may clean your ebony jewellery gently using a soft cloth but avoid using any chemicals or solvents. If necessary you can lightly dampen the cloth with water, but ensure it is not excessively wet. To maintain its lustre, you can apply a small amount for natural oil (such as olive oil) to a clean cloth and gently rub it onto the wood’s surface. This will help moisturize and protect the ebony.

Antique Beads
Antique trading beads are used in the Millefiori collection. Though quite sturdy, these beads are made from moulded glass and can break or chip if not handled carefully, especially bearing in mind that they were created so many centuries ago. You may clean your jewellery from this collection with warm water and a mild detergent, and dry with a soft cloth. Always store your pieces in individual soft pouches to avoid any damage.

Last but not least…

Enjoy your jewellery! Don’t save your jewels for that special day, event or occasion… Enjoy them everyday.