Ethics and Values

Ethics and Values

Stefania strongly believes in a responsibly managed and transparent supply chain.

As she learns to navigate this complex aspect of the industry, Stefania makes every effort to ensure that the precious metals and gems used to create her jewellery are responsibly and ethically sourced.

In her pursuit to be mindful of the world around her, many of her pieces are created using gold and silver recycled from preloved jewellery. However, some of her pieces are created from newly mined SMO gold (Single Mine Origin) as she recognises that mining remains an absolute necessary livelihood for many mining communities around the world. SMO gold comes from selected traceable mines that are committed to, and internationally accredited with, the highest responsibility standards. Such mines provide vital social, environmental and cultural support to local communities. Similarly with gemstones, Stefania works with trusted gem suppliers to ensure a responsible and transparent supply chain. Her love for re-charming old pieces also draws her to repurpose gemstones whenever possible, extending the life of every gem in a sustainable circular way.

Ambersouk is founded upon strong values of integrity, equity and, above all, kindness. Remembering and embracing the wise words of Maya Angelou...

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Our endless hours of banter and chatter were only paused by the call to the Friday prayer vibrating through the air. The memories of such beautiful people, the vivid colours, sounds and scents will stay with me forever. I will always carry a thousand stories of the souk in my mind.”