Create your own Story

Create your own Story

Whether commissioned to design a new bespoke piece or re-charm old family heirlooms or unloved jewellery, Stefania weaves your story into your jewel. We all have a story that needs to be told...

“I was so excited to work with the incredible Stefania to create my ring, I haven’t taken it off since it arrived, it’s a truly special piece. An amalgamation of three generations of family history. Its round shape represents the world and its infinite possibility. The cardinal angles for guidance on our journey are depicted by my birth stone sapphire and my husband’s birthstone turquoise, retaining the balance of masculine and feminine. The intermediate directions are family diamonds from my Mother-in-law signifying ancestral roots and depicting the mind, body, soul and divine spirit. Tear drop turquoise on the front of the ring is water, our life force. The central diamond is me of course and the ring of peridots, my son’s birthstone, represent our family. All set in recycled gold which shines yellow like the sun and radiates warmth and eternal energy.”


“Stefania’s enviable style is always such an inspiration to me, and I call her my “good witch” because her amulets and talismans have become my luckiest touchstones through life. Stefania isn’t just a very talented jeweller and designer but also a profoundly kind and wise soothsayer, and a magician: she’s revitalized my sentimental trinkets into precious but highly wearable necklaces and made so many of my favourite, most soulful, and most complimented pieces. I love her work, and I love her.”


“I shall always be grateful to have been given a hybrid heritage, partly that of my parents and partly that inherited in Ethiopia where my formative years were. In that context, my experience of history was not the African colonial history but a far more beautiful history made up of the ancient Kingdoms of Axum and Kush and the civilizations of the ancient Nubians. So, when my husband commissioned Ambersouk’s Badawi cuff to commemorate our 20th wedding anniversary, it was a deeply touching and symbolic celebration of both my heritage and our connection. Not only does it remind me of Ubuntu and a connection to my homeland in the horn but also that I am blessed in my marriage. There is only one Stefania, with a bright and passionate vision that enables two worlds to come together in artifacts that remind us of the best lessons from the past, however distant they may be, and provide their passage to our present and our collective future.”


“I commissioned Stefania to design a pair of sapphire and pearl earrings. She presented me with a sketch of the design within just a few days. I was thrilled with the final result. The earrings are truly elegant and radiate a beautiful sparkle when worn. I cherish these earrings
and am truly in love with them.
Thank you Ambersouk.”


“I would recommend Stefania listened to the story behind an old brooch dear to me. The horse motif needed repairing as well as converting into a piece I could easily wear. I had wanted it to be set in one of her ebony carved pieces from Sudan to become a ring, but we were in Lockdown so unable to travel she couldn't source from her favourite souk. Instead, we worked together on a beautiful alternative, using gold, platinum, and diamonds, whilst retaining the original "eye" shape I liked, transforming the brooch into a much more dramatic cocktail ring. Stefania's patience, creativity, and diligence gave me the confidence to embark on my first jewellery commission, and I love wearing my new-old horse ring. It is often commented on and admired for its unusual setting. I would recommend Stefania for future commissions without hesitation.”