Pinky Hirz Watermelon Ring

This ring is inspired by amulet boxes, called hirz, worn by bedouin Rashaida women in the coastal plains of the Red Sea. Traditionally these boxes were made in silver with elaborate filigree patterns and small hanging ornaments, and are reminiscent of Arab designs and influence. These often contained verses from the Quran to protect the wearer from harm. The Rashaida, a semitic tribe who migrated from the Arabian Peninsula to the coast of Sudan and Eritrea in the 19th century, are known for their magnificent coloured garments and finely-worked silver jewellery, their most prized possessions.‍

One-of-a-kind ring with cabochon watermelon tourmaline, green cabochon tourmaline and pink sapphire set in 14k brushed and polished yellow gold.

Size J
£ 3,400
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