Black Chilli

The Black Chilli pendant is dedicated to my papa. Whilst growing up, chillies were an integral part of our family meals and an omnipresent table accessory. Finely cut and strategically placed next to my papa’s plate, he sprinkled chillies onto his every dish like some magical fairy dust. A ritual I inherited. There is nothing quite like eating a chilli to awaken our senses. Author, Hannah Kane beautifully describes this experience. “Chilli is of the moment and in the moment… it has a transformational effect on the body and mind. When you eat something that hot and the burn begins, other stuff recedes. Eating chillies pushes the irrelevant, the unimportant… It keeps you centred, aware of your own existence in that moment. It is a perfect reminder that you are alive.” Next time you eat a chilli and feel the burn, be present and let it be a lovely reminder that you are alive‍

One-of-a-kind ebony pendant with pink and green cabochon tourmalines set in 14k yellow gold

Length 12.5 cm - comes on a Vintage Blusher double sided velvet cord
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